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Custom Firmware: RM-609 Nokia E6-00 Belle Refresh by Luna

Unknown | 09:54 |

UPDATED! v3 Nokia E6-00 - 111.140.58 -Belle Refresh Enhanced by Luna

Important I am getting loads of slow download pms, could someone please mirror the file and send me the link by pm.


I'm Luna and I'm rather new on these forums.

I have made a custom firmware for the Nokia E6-00 which doesn't get much support from moders and Nokia itself and is not very popular.

Important: I have just updated the firmware, if you have the second version please update for the ultimate experience. If you have the old version and want to know the differences; fixed issue were n9 fonts disappear after reboot, removed quickoffice ms office and languages,added theme effects base pack so you can install custom effects from E:, added an awesome theme effect enabled by default

This time I think I got it right so I won't update the firmware unless a very interesting mod comes out or a new OFW from Nokia.

Flash with Phoenix preferably with Refurbish
Download from dropbox - thanks to vin4yak
Download latest from mediafire Password:"dailymobile"
Download latest version from megashers
Download - Mediafire
Download firmware
7zip is needed to extract on Windows. Download

To be on the safe side in terms of App checks and updates, I have taken great effort to ensure that the version information is identical to original firmware so there is no "Created with Nokia Cooker" or anything when you press *#0000


##Usability and Customisability improvements##
Hacked (Latest installserver for Belle Refresh)
Send protected files like signed sis files via bluetooth.
Music Folder Search
Disabled OVI signin after flash
Custom log age setting
Kinetic Scrolling
Reboot from menu
LED Notification (Charge light blinks instead of D-pad for notifications)
Profile Name editing
Metadata editing (Edit Album, artist etc in music player)
tactile feedback (3 short vibrations when call picked or dropped)
Browser Download Resume after close
Camera Sound Off even if you have a non Europe handset (Normally camera sound can only be disabled on Europe variants)
Read Theme effects from E:/effects for custom effects

##Performace / Energy Saving#
UI Speed boost (reduce delay and increase max cpu usage from 70% to 90%)
Battery Saver mod
Keylock vibration off
No boot animation (Disables handshake animation resulting in fast startup)

Using Meteor effects by Jin Hao by default
Theme effects on like default. (Normally all belle phones have it on except e6)
n9 fonts

#Space Saving#
Only English and French present
Remove QuickOffice
Remove F Secure
Remove Vlingo
Remove Microsoft Apps
Remove MS Lync
Remove MS Shared
Remove MS Communicator
Email cache to E:
Browser Cache to E:
Around 320mb free space on C:

Note: Dolby mod and Gallery search mod were not included. Dolby causes voice recognition, notification and camera sounds to not work. Gallery search disables searching non camera folders and makes it difficult to chose wallpapers etc.


Install an office suite like Quickoffice 6 or Pixel Smart Office on drive E
Install a fast PDF reader like PDF Eagle or use Pixel Smart Office as PDF reader
If you love the Anna theme on the e6 like me, search for the mignight silver theme and use that.
Remove excess homescreens for better battery life and less memory usage E.g Email widget is not really needed as E6-00 has an email button on keyboard.
Use attached Blackbery Bold Wallpapers I found.
Use Battery Info for E Series widget for a rather accurate battery monitor.
Avoid installing stuff on C: when they are compatible on E:
Do not install Microsoft Apps Update.

Note: Normally theme effects are off by default on E6 firmware, this is because they increase loading time because of the e6 has a higher resolution but same cpu and gpu as n8. With this firmware however theme effects are fast enough even on the E6.

Posted screenshots of my homescreens arrangement later but note that my firmware looks exactly like stock except for n9 fonts. The "Belly Jean" theme has been applied to the phone.

Scr000006.jpg (128.3 KB, 640x480 - viewed 67 times.)

Scr000007.jpg (98.19 KB, 640x480 - viewed 43 times.)

Scr000008.jpg (100.76 KB, 640x480 - viewed 40 times.)

Scr000009.jpg (62.36 KB, 640x480 - viewed 39 times.)

Scr000010.jpg (55.3 KB, 640x480 - viewed 26 times.)

Scr000011.jpg (58.75 KB, 640x480 - viewed 17 times.)

Scr000012.jpg (51.34 KB, 640x480 - viewed 11 times.)

Scr000013.jpg (53.01 KB, 640x480 - viewed 13 times.)

Scr000014.jpg (51.72 KB, 640x480 - viewed 13 times.)

tt16-wallpaper.jpg (97.41 KB, 640x480 - viewed 30 times.)

maelstrom_at_kauaim_hawaii-wallpaper.jpg (65.83 KB, 640x480 - viewed 10 times.)

20119312957.jpg (56.82 KB, 480x360 - viewed 6 times.)

201182251849.jpg (41.63 KB, 480x360 - viewed 5 times.)

2012221202241.jpg (44.84 KB, 480x360 - viewed 7 times.)

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

Custom Firmware: RM- 596 Nokia N8- Xtension Belle 1.1

Unknown | 09:46 |

Nokia N8 - RM-596 - Xtension Belle 1.1

Welcome to official Xtension Belle - Release Board

I am sure many of you have tried out Xtension CFWs that were available for S60v5 models (specially Nokia 5800)

This is my next release of Xtension which is for Symbian^3 (Symbian Belle, RM-596, Nokia N8)

Xtension Belle - Simplicity Matters
A firmware designed to be simple. Open source. All modifications on just a 4.07 MB rofs3 file. UDA is absolutely not required.
A firmware designed to be powerful. All possible modifications to increase performance and mods are added along with important

customizations. I have removed any mod that causes lag or slowdowns. Try it. have a look.

Beta 1.1

1. Minimum graphical changes added.
2. Total performance boost with all *important mods required for day to day functioning.
3. Minimum number of apps added
4. UDA is not provided. Use default UDA
5. Applications like "Nokia Social" , "Ovi Store" ,"Maps" are untouched as these apps keep getting updated by NokiaBetaLabs and

putting those in Z might lead to "update failure" when new versions are released.
6. UDA will be provided in official release with some necessary changes
7. 0% dependent on UDA. All settings will remain even after hard reset (except apps present on the default UDA)

Important Modifications:
1. Message Delivery Reports: ON
2. Voice Rec Quality Improved
3. 12Hrs Max recording in Voice Rec
4. Resume downloads after system restart
5. Default tones changed
6. Show Call duration: ON
7. Autolock Time set to 120 min
8. Confirm Operator Operations: ON
9. Browser Cache to E (16MB)
10. Camera sounds off when "Camera 1" sound selected
11. Summay after call: ON
12. Pop up menu setting changed (Reduced time delay)
13. Light sensor disabled
14. BT On in offline mode
15. FM transmitter RDS set to NokiaN8
16. Music search: "E:\Music , F:\Music"
17. Autostart fixed for useless processes
18. 1 Homescreen after flash with custom wallpaper
19. Xtreme Belle menu Mod added and revised
20. New Startup screen and sounds added
21. You can change them any time here: "E:\Data\Xtension\"
22. Long press "0" to launch Killme
23. Vibration in keylock: OFF
24. Tactical feedback in calls
25. Tactical Feedback fixed
26. Working Java permissions mod added to rofs*
27. Unlimited HS can me added and any HS can be deleted.
28. Auto Rotation of Splashscreen and shutdown screen: OFF
29. Custom effects added with boosted manifest (after flash turn effects OFF then ON)
30. UI acceleration settings revised
31. DomainServ mod will not be added (c2z4bin) as I have found it to considerably slow down the phone.**
32. Full character support in texts
33. Time Format is 24 Hrs. (as it looks standard)
34. Nokia's default font used as most of other fonts have bug or may be it's Belle UI's bug.
35. Default theme used (though Xtension theme will be added to official release)
36. Many settings of Sytem applications pre-defined for proper functioning.
37. Java Permissions Mod added. Now you can select "Always Allowed" for any parameter in Settings>SuiteSettings for any java app.
(many more modifications are done which you will know during use.)**

Applications added to Z:
1. Killme
2. Memcheck
3. Rompatcher (with autostart)

1st Boot Operations:
Auto delete of:
Patches folder auto added to E:\ with working patches
Patch "Open4all" applied at startup
Folders created: E:\Music , F:\Music (put your songs here)
Also Xplore 1.53 Anna style setup will be copied to E:\data\xtension

RomPatcher Patches:
(all patches are deployed on E:\patches\ directory)
1. Open4all (preapplied and added to autostart)**
2. c2z4bin (reqd for domainsrv mod)
3. BlockGPRS.rmp
4. Bluetooth Locker.rmp
5. CRepository4all.rmp
6. Install Server RP+.rmp (if ypu get cert error while installing, apply this)**
7. ReadCRoot.rmp
8. RemoveHashCheck.rmp
9. RemoveRecTone.rmp

Xtension has it's own 1st time boot configured settings.
When the device will startup after flash**
Do not press any key until you get this message "Xtension flashed successfully" although in the mean time you can log-in to your

Nokia account and then set the date and time which will pop up during first boot.
In Belle, java is broken which will be automatically fixed.
Romaptcher Patches will be applied automatically.
Even the system folders such as "system" , "sys" , "resource" , private" will be cleared from E:\ and F:\ on 1st boot

After getting the message "Please restart your device" , restart your device once and you are done.
Follow all the instructions properly for a perfect bug-free installation of Xtension

Flashing Instructions:
1. This is just a beta. (ver 1.1) so there maybe some flaws
2. Though the system folders will be auto erased, its better to delete them manually before flash by connecting in "Mass Storage"

mode via USB. Delete "sys" , "system" , "resource" , "private" from E:\ and F:\
3. Use original Belle files here: Download
4. Use "core" , "rofs2" , "UDA" from original belle files (remember the second leaked one)
5. Just use the "rofs3" provided.
6. Rename the rofs3 if necessary to match your file name

For advanced users only | This is a beta release | Version 1.1
Download: Xtension Belle beta 1.1 - (4.07 MB)
Original Belle files (2nd leak) : Download -


**Just replace my the rofs3 of your Belle (RM-596) folder with mine and done. and for those who don't have belle files, I have

given the download link above.

I have not written anout all changes above. Only the important modifications have been said about.
I would like to hear from you, how the cfw is performing on your device.
I am actually having less time so can work only in short spans over this CFW.

Do reply. let me know if there are any bugs or broken functions.
All your suggestions are welcome. Hopefully I will release the Final version soon.

Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

Custom Firmware: RM-555 Nokia N97 Mini v40

Unknown | 09:41 |

N97mini RM-555 C6v40 to v12xx Vortex effects and fast

NEW NEW NEW Update Landscape menu mode like N8 add the grid 4x5 and 5x3 19\07\2011

New Alboooz CFW C6v40xx for Nokia 97mini RM-555 v12xx

Credits goes to Pinh24, Dev-av, mara and all them who created mods from our mobile society...
This is my second CFW based on C6v40xx, it's fast and stable, it installs all software.
I have add icons mode to 5x4 and best anna and earlier themes chosen as my favorite all time,
for the rest, you can see on a youtube video i add in here..
thou the video is a bit blurry but easy to see transitions and operations on screen.

Few of the list of changes:

- Removed auto-start applications
- Grid add 5x4 i think it's best
- Speedup for CPU and acceleration on graphics
- New Effects by vortex , super fast effects
- Browser cache moved to E.
- New internet Browser v.3.xx
- Change Splash-screen
- Languages.. English only, you can add your own?
- Disabled sending welcome message
- RomPatcher v2,06 add with patches
- Landscape browser without activating the sensors
- The screen rotation is fast
- Improved Game Performance and UI
- Improved WIFI sensitivity
- High-Quality Voice Recording Mod
- Fastest and smooth Kinetic scrolling
- few new beautiful RingTones add
- Log can be saved up to 365 days
- Up to 999 Messenger sent
- Music player is up-to-date to 15.2 with Lyrics. DO NOT UPDATE IT!
- TTpod able to instal and works...for music lovers
- OVI music store and vlingo, Qik and unregistered useless apps is removed
- Smooth brightness
- Ram Saving when Camera Exit
- Exit Camera-No more in background active
- Resume Download on restart
- Audio & Video Codec better quality
- Conversation in Menu add
- the folder menu names the user shall organize them it's easy
- themes add:
Silence color
Petrol Blue
Fuchsia Pink
Anna Blue 5th

Applications add:
Autoinstaller if you name rofs2 as xx.01, if other than that, it might not autostart, but that's not big deal!
Maps v3.6 with working compass and fast positioning.
There is add few free apps in Z:\ SPB TV, miniopera FireFox mod, Angry Birds v2.4 you have to install if you want to use them, i did not want to put for auto install it's because might take long time to boot the phone after flash !

I have fix the Keyboard on screen the mini qwerty and full screen qwerty and it works good by me,
and if you have other version than typical English than underneath is a bit info on how to port settings from your phone.
So, for this of you who need to change keyboard layout:
1.Grab these files from your ORIGINAL FIRMWARE (ROFS2)
*ecom-2-0.spi (private\10009d8f)
*PtiKeymappings_555_XX.dll (sys\bin) or 505
*srsf_3_0.bin (system\data)

Use Jaf to flash your phone N97mini but do not use ...rofs3, and make backup of your phone first, and to restore things, restore only settings first and after restart restore the files, contacts, calendar and the rest...but not settings at the same time.

Older or previous CFW C06v20 here http://forum.dailymobile.net/index.php?topic=50573.msg633029#msg633029

Here is a video at you-tube i recorded today, sorry for quality video...still you can see operations and transitions! 

Few screenshots, click on the pic if you don't see full size:

Download link here: Nokia N97mini RM-555 Alboooz CFW based on C6v40xx Englishrofs2 only, use the Core C6v20xx from first version or from pnht24 release.
Pasword is: albo









Thank You Guys... Happy Flashing...

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