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Sagar Patel | 01:32 |

  1. Insert the memory card to your PC.

 2. Keep a back up of all the data from the memory card, because first you have to format the card. 

3. Download and install Skymedi software 


4. After installation, the application will launch automatically showing a windows with options ¡° Fix ¡± and ¡° Cancel ¡±. From the drop down menu, you have to browse the memory card.

 5. Once you select the location of the card, click on ¡° Fix ¡±, it willask you for the confirmation, you have to click on ¡° Yes ¡±. After selecting the memory card, the application will show you a size of around 955MB ; this is because you have inserted a 1GB memory card. 

6. After finishing the process, the application will ask you to unplug the memory card. Remove it and insert it again. Now the storage capacity of thememory card is increased to 2GB. 

7. If you want to check the storage of the memory card you can click on My computer --> Memory card --> Select Properties . You will see that the size of the memory card is 2GB. If you are using Windows Vista7, you will see ¡ Computer ¡± instead of ¡° My computer ¡±. Open that right clicks on the memory card, select properties and you will be able to check the size of the memory card. 

8. There is one more way to confirm the storage capacity. Reopen the Skymedi and select the location of the memory card. This time it will show 1912KB, which is 2GB.


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