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How to add Facebook like box to Blogger

Sagar Patel | 10:13 |

1)First visit your facebook page and copy url of that page from address bar.
2)Goto the url http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like-box
Now you can see a box like this
3)Now put the url at the marked place(replace the existing)
4)And adjust the width & height in the below
5)Select the colour you want to see(Colour scheme)
6)If you want to see faces of liked persons, tick at Show faces
7)Put next as blank
8)If you wish to see some of your blog posts in this,put tick at Show stream
9)If want header,put tick in next box
10)Click in Get code
Now you can see two boxes like this.
In this,first you copy the texts from first box and paste it after tag of your blog(Templates > Proceed)
and copy the other texts(from second box) and past it where you wish to see the Box
Now done.


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