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How to bypass/reset BIOS passwords

Sagar Patel | 21:28 |

Normally we add a password to in our computer so that others will not change the BIOS settings or to prevent a PC from booting without a password. In this article I have explained how to bypass the BIOS passwords.

How to bypass BIOS passwords for a laptop

We normally add BIOS passwords as a security so that no one else will change the BIOS settings or for booting into our PC without a password. Some times if you forgot the BIOS password and cannot boot your PC, what will you do?

It would be very expensive if you send your Windows 7 computer back to the manufacturer for resetting the BIOS password. So what is the solution.....

There is a solution to every problem. You need not worry if you forgot BIOS password. It is possible to bypass or reset the BIOS passwords and login into your PC. Let us see what to do to bypass BIOS password to login into your Windows 7 computer. There are many ways to reset the BIOS passwords. Let us see what are the ways to reset the BIOS passwords in your computer.

  • Use BIOS back door passwords which is set by BIOS manufacturer

  • Using any of the above methods, you can bypass the BIOS password or reset the BIOS password.

    Bypassing BIOS password using backdoor passwords

    Most of the BIOS manufacturers provide backdoor password by default for testing BIOS. So you can use this password to go into the BIOS settings page. I will give here the list of some of the BIOS passwords by some manufacturers.

    ALFAROME, BIOSTAR, KDD, ZAAADA, CONCAT, CONDO, PINT, 589589, 589721, _award, HLT, shift + syxz and there are many backdoor passwords for Award BIOS.

    In most of the Toshiba laptops, it is possible to bypass the BIOS password if we hold down the Left SHIFT key while the PC is booting.

    Using third party softwares to break BIOS passwords

    Many third party softwares are available to break the BIOS password and access the BIOS settings page. Use these softwares to break the BIOS password.

    Using Hard ware reset

    The last method to reset BIOS password is the hardware reset. You need to open your computer cabinet and just remove the CMOS battery which is located on the mother board. Once you remove the CMOS battery, wait for some time and once again put the battery back. Now the BIOS information stored in your CMOS memory is erased and when you boot your system next time, it will not ask for the BIOS password.

    Most of the motherboards have a jumpers to clear the CMOS settings including BIOS passwords. Once you set the jumpers as per instructions given there, it will reset the CMOS and u can clear the BIOS password.

  • Using third party softwares to break BIOS passwords
  • Hardware reset
  • List of backdoor passwords of Award BIOS
  • Back door password for DELL = dell
  • Back door password for Biostar = Biostar
  • Back door password for Compaq = Compaq
  • Back door password for Epox = central
  • Back door password for Freetech = Posterie
  • Back door password for Siemens = SKY_FOX
  • Back door password for IBM Aptiva = Press both mouse buttons repeatedly during the boot.
  • Back door password for Toshiba = Toshiba


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