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Get your own certificate & key for signing apps Nokia

Sagar Patel | 19:12 |

hey friends...now u dont need to worry about to get cer & key file for u...
its a nice way to get ur cer & ky file...

Click here to request ur cer

Very Good Web page To Get Ur Certificate

S603rd Cert Generator
You can now get a certificate for your 3rd edition handset allowing you to sign your own applications.
Enter your IMEI in the box indicated.
Enter the verification code next to it.
Click on the submit button.
Return to this page after 24hrs and re enter your IMEI and current verification code,
you will be directed to a new page with 2 links. Click on the first to download your new certificate.

IMEI(*#06#): Input code

Download Signsis: Here
Install Signsis on your handset and input path to your .cer file in settings.
From main menu select file to be signed and select 'Go' to sign.
(plz note this version has .key file included)


Anonymous at: 24 November 2012 at 12:49 said...

Thanks for this guide, but the web site for cert doesn't give result after 24h, 48h 72h, 96h .... is there any other site to obtain certificates?

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