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How to Minimize s40 mobile.?

Sagar Patel | 06:13 |

1-Download JAF on pc.
2-Connect your Phone with pc in PC-Suite Mode.
3-Open JAF and go to BB5 Tab.
4-Tick the following.
a-Read pp.
b-Normal Mode.
c-CRT 308(Already Ticked).
5-Now Click Service.
6-Save the *.pp file on Desktop.
7-Open the *.pp file in Notepad.
8-In case the Phone is-
a-Nokia s40 v3 then
Search for 28 1 line and
change it to 28 2
b-Nokia s40 v5 or v6 then
Search for 48 and change it to 48 2 c-In case there is no 48 or 28 then add the Appropriate line i.e 48 2 or 28 2.
9-Save the *.pp
10-Open JAF>BB5 Tab.
11-Tick the following:
a-Upload pp
b-Normal Modec CRT-308 (Already Ticked)
12-Click on Service.
13-Select the *.pp File.
14-After it shows Done,
Select Normal Mode from the Drop Down Menu.
15-Phone will Restart and show Test in RNDIS USB mode?
Press NO. This popup will be shown on every restart this is normal..

Windows 7 user.
JAF compatiblity change in "windows 2000"
JAF open in "administrator"

"Enjoy Minimize s40 mobile.


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